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Margaret's Note: Summer 2021

By C. Margaret Tritch

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As the world starts returning to some sense of normalcy, it seemed appropriate to focus this newsletter on issues related to returning to the workplace, whether you are the employer or employee.  I would title this newsletter “Employment Law Changes and Considerations in Light of a Changing Workplace for Employers and Employees”. I also discuss the landlord – tenant pandemic rules that are now expiring. My legal journals have been full of articles with opinions on health guidelines, along with statutory developments, and some case law on this topic. I will summarize topics that affect the widest group, while providing more detailed articles and reference sources that I am happy to pass along to anyone interested.

We too are returning to normal, and the practice has returned to pre-Covid levels. To that end, we have added a new member to our team, Mrs. Anna Warth.  Anna’s bio can now be found on our website. Anna is a longtime friend, notary and is with me in the office every day.  Also, my sister, Ginger Toll started working with us this spring from Massachusetts, part-time.  She is handling Client Outreach and you will likely hear from her in the near future, if you have not already.  She has an MBA and brings helpful government agency experience. Ginger’s bio can be found here. The rest of the team remains: Kimberly Bright (HR, notary), Rebekah Estep (bookkeeper, notary) and Jessica Jackson (file clerk extraordinaire and technical guru) in their respective part-time capacities.  The law firm’s family is growing to support that personal touch that we strive to provide our clients.  Our office is open Mon-Thurs 9-5 and Friday is by appointment now.  I confess to appreciating working from home on Fridays and we will continue that into the foreseeable future.

Also, I will be out of the country around the time this is delivered. We will be visiting our eldest daughter and extended family in Italy.  I will be out of the office from July 16th – August 1st.   Anna will keep the office running and I will check in regularly.  I hope that you too will be traveling and visiting with friends and family this summer.

We wish you a safe, cool and relaxing summer,

Warm Regards, 
Margaret and the team