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I don’t know about you, but the last six months felt like a never-ending readjustment process at work and home.  For someone who prides herself on being organized (some may say controlling), it has been a good lesson in “going with the flow”.  As I navigated the law firm through the ever-evolving landscape of these times, our summer newsletter was canceled. I suspect our story is much like yours.  You had your plans and then life laughed at you and you readjusted – repeatedly!  I have told my kids and staff, that I think the lesson of Covid is how to keep making lemonade from lemons.

I am proud of the fact that we were able to meet every client’s request and say “yes” to new clients during this time. There was a lot of figuring it out as we went along.  We have reduced our office hours to four days a week, Monday -Thursday; and I am often the only person in the office, allowing my staff to work remotely most days. The bonus is that I often answer the phone. The downside is you may have to leave a message on the voicemail, but your call will be returned shortly.   Staff changes occurred as different views on working in these times emerged. As with every change, there are positives.  I think you will find us a happy, and healthy (knock on wood) bunch here.

The team now is:

  • Jessica Jackson. A new part-time member to the team.   Jessica joined in April and has been a wonderful addition. Her documents skills are superb. She is highly organized and creating better systems.  Jessica is a real pleasure to work with.
  • Kim Bright.  She has been with me since the beginning and has kindly been helping out more. You may find her notarizing a document for you or working with our business clients. She is in her final year at ASU’s W.P. Carey Business School.
  • Rebekah Estep. Also, one of my first team members, who does our bookkeeping. She has also kindly stepped in more now to help with signings and notarizing documents.
  • Alixe Gendre. The lovely Swiss file clerk joined us in early March and is now fulltime at ASU but comes back to help and you may see her in the office.
  • Occasionally my family members, Gennaro, Elena and Vincent Buonocore, jumped in to help when needed too. Elena is now living in Rome, Italy, so you are unlikely to see her except on school breaks now.

The law firm is its own kind of extended family now. I am grateful for the supportive team above who have stepped in to ensure we could always deliver to our clients. I have several attorney friends, who have not been so fortunate.  Law firms, like many businesses, are changing. Gratefully, I have found a happy mixture of caring and skilled people who can be flexible. While there were definitely days that felt like lemons over the past six months, our work and ability to serve our clients today is truly a pleasure. I hope you too are finding a way of making your own unique, yet enjoyable lemonade.

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Margaret’s Note

Happy and Grateful to still be able to serve clients!