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I considered removing my story below about my big trip for fear it would sound tone deaf.  But I am hoping to share my joy and wonder with you that it might bring happiness to you. My husband and I recently returned from Egypt and Jordan with the Smithsonian for my 50th birthday. Little did we know that our trip would be just in the nick of time before world events spiraled out of control. I had always wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt and Petra in Jordan.  It was amazing! Egypt is definitely a country you want to see with a good tour company. When we landed at Cairo Airport, it was absolute mayhem and our tour representative met us right away and guided us seamlessly through thousands of people to get visas, clear immigration, get our luggage, clear customs and find our ride to the hotel.  No small feat in that airport. Cairo has 25 million people and is the most populated and busiest city we have ever encountered. Egypt is the country of monumental building projects, which continues to this day. The Nile river is almost unfathomable how it has fed so many empires for thousands of years. The great pyramids are all accessible and awe inspiring, as is the rich history that we were so expertly guided through by the local Egyptologist and the Smithsonian expert from University College London’s Egyptology department. Jordan by contrast is a small, clean and a very well-run country.  They were already closing their borders to anyone who had travelled to or from China by the second week of February when we arrived. The biblical sites of Moses, Jarash - the best-preserved Roman city in the world, and the amazing feat of Petra were humbling. I share a few photos below.

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Egypt and Jordan: Joy and Wonder

By C. Margaret Tritch

When thinking about how amazing our tour guides navigated us through all manner of travel and circumstances, I was deeply grateful and slightly amazed.  It also reminded me of what I strive to provide to our clients. We genuinely try to take away the anxiety and complexity of the legal process and reduce it to manageable and understandable concepts for our clients. I can’t offer you the attached view of a Pharaoh’s tomb or the vistas from Petra, Jordan, but we can offer you the ability to travel wherever your heart desires and have peace of mind that your legal affairs are in order in your business or estate plan.   I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my enthusiasm for Egypt, Jordan and Smithsonian tours when we next speak. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I feel blessed we were able to do and get back home without incident.

I hope this finds you and your family members all healthy and well in these challenging times and enjoying more quality time together.  If there is something you wish to address in your business agreements or estate plan, please know that we are here to help. Please see my letter of March 24th on how we are continuing to support our clients but changing how we operate for the foreseeable future.