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Resources if Faced with Suicide or Mental Health Crisis

Earlier this summer I attended a very informative talk entitled “Navigating the Mental Health Crisis” by my Estate Planning section of the Arizona Bar.  I’m sharing a few important points from this incredibly informative talk by attorney, Josh Mozell. 

Anyone with a teenager or a young adult in their family knows that there is a real mental health crisis going on in the United States. My family has been touched by a suicide in middle school and then again in high school in recent years. It is with this sad truth that I am sharing some resources and information that they might be helpful to others.

If there is a mental health disturbance, a good place to start is the Crisis Response Network (602.222.9444). This is Maricopa County’s 24-hour a day mental health service and it is considered one of the best in the nation. They have highly qualified specialists that can talk a person down, provide resources, or send out a mobile team (a team of two clinicians).  In Tucson/southern AZ their number is 520-622-6000 and in Northern AZ it is 1-877-756-4090.

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AZ v. CA Tax & Estate Planning Consideration

Below is a table comparing some of the major tax and estate planning considerations between Arizona and California that might prove useful if you have ties to both states.

Currently neither state has a state assessed inheritance tax, but there was a bill introduced in California in April of this year to impose tax on estates of $3,500,000 or more, which is considerably lower than the $11.4 million federal tax exemption.  However, in order to go into effect, it needs to pass through both houses and be put on the ballot for voters to approve.

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​Why Do People Die Intestate, When a Basic Will is Easy to Prepare? 

​Going through the estate planning process allows a person to take control and decide who is going to act for them if death or disability occurs, and who gets your possessions when you die. But, only if, this is done before there is a disability or death. An intestate probate is not the place that any person wants to find themselves in, which is what happens when their loved one couldn’t take the time to put their affairs in order.  Intestate succession is a statute provided method where the state tries to provide an equitable distribution of your possessions to your next of kin and prioritize who should act for your estate. 

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Registering to Do Business in Arizona

If you are thinking of setting up an Arizona Corporation either because you are starting a new business or you’ve been conducting business as an individual and realize that you need to incorporate, the following may prove helpful in how to get started. If you have a business that is incorporated elsewhere, but are conducting business in Arizona, then you need to register as a foreign company doing business in Arizona.

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