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Married or Single - Does this really matter anymore?
On our Estate Planning and Probate Section of the Arizona State Bar there have been discussions with younger lawyers looking for ways to state in their clients’ estate plans that two people consider themselves “life partners” and that this is something more than being single. They are asking is there a middle way between Married and Single today.

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Unlimited Marital Deduction for Spouses
But only if you are both U.S. citizens

In the U.S., we have a very favorable tax rule in comparison to many other countries, whereby spouses can inherit from each other with no federal inheritance tax consequences. Currently there is also no inheritance tax in CA or AZ, but other states do impose inheritance tax rates.

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Is the Person Working for You an Independent Contractor or an Employee?
The presumption is that anyone working for you is an employee and if you are hiring someone to work in your home or for your business and you want them to be treated as an independent contractor, you should have an agreement in place that is signed by both of you. The agreement, in and of itself, won’t settle the issue; but without it, it is harder to argue that the person working for you is not an employee

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1st Quarter 2021 Newsletter

Margaret’s Note

March 2021

The new year took a bit to settle in for us here at Tritch Buonocore Law, but we are now starting to find our rhythm and the economy is looking hopeful. As 2021 began, I was recovering from Covid, but very blessed to not have severe symptoms and all of my family remained negative and symptom free. Thankfully our work schedule and then the holidays meant that I wasn’t around colleagues or clients.

As March begins, I continue to see encouraging signs from our business clients.  They started to engage in new business in the last quarter of 2020.  That trend has continued at our firm and we are adding new business clients each month.  I see that as promising news for this new year.

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