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Welcome to 2020!
Or can you please not start yet and give us all a chance to get ready for you? 2020 has started off with events that none of us had expected or prepared for. This newsletter was held up and changes made as events started rapidly evolving. Now, the articles included should be helpful to business owners and individuals thinking about their estate planning. This is a time of reflection for many of us.

I considered removing my story below about my big trip for fear it would sound tone deaf. But I am hoping to share my joy and wonder with you that it might bring happiness to you.  My husband and I recently returned from Egypt and Jordan with the Smithsonian for my 50th birthday.

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Confidentiality & An Easier Information Management System For Clients
We now use Adobe Pro and Clio, in addition to our encrypted emails. Both programs state that they provide bank level security. 

In February, we started to implement Clio, a leading client management system in the legal industry, to further assist us in creating more secure, yet less complex, communication. Some of our clients have already seen us working with Clio and have provided us with good feedback on its ease of use.  We are glad to hear that our efforts have made an improvement for our clients.

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1st Quarter 2020 Newsletter

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A Very Effective, But Overlooked, Estate Planning Tool:
The Personal Property Memorandum
One of the greatest sources of friction, hurt feelings and outright fighting among heirs, is over personal items when someone dies. Sometimes items go “missing” shortly after a death, different people swear on their life about what the deceased person said they wanted to have happen, or their Will or Trust simply says to split things between different people. This friction happens in harmonious families just as easily as estranged ones. Both Arizona and California provide for a person to transfer specific items of personal property outside of their Will or Trust via a Personal Property Memorandum.

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A Personal Note

Thank you for the positive feedback, and please let us know if you have any requests for future article topics.​ Should the newsletter prompt you with any questions, please give our office a call or email. 

With very best wishes,

Margaret and the team at Tritch Buonocore Law

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Contracts and the Coronavirus 
How the Coronavirus may trigger clauses in your contracts.
It is early days in the global pandemic known as the Corona Virus. That quarantining society is wreaking havoc on businesses throughout the US and the world is an understatement. What it will mean for each business and its contracts will likely be sorted out in the years to come by the courts. However, I suspect many people will find resolution directly, as few have the time or resources to wait years for a contract lawsuit. But if you find yourself in contracts that are impossible for you to continue to perform, there are two common clauses to look for that may allow you to suspend your obligations under the contract.

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